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Week 1: Femme Fighting (NaNo2013 Edition)

Word count: 15,063 words And technically, that Week 1 started after midnight on Nov. 1 with our local NaNo group’s Kick-Off Party at IHOP. Don’t get too excited about how many words that is. All 4k words I wrote at … Continue reading

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This and That

The second pass of edits for the nightmare novel took longer than expected, but that’s because I did a third pass as well. The second pass was for the corrections that a psychologist consultant gave me on some scenes (I … Continue reading

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I would never do that…

The big trend, especially in YA fiction, is first-person present. I’m resolutely a third-person past kind of writer, although I’m wondering whether a YA novel bouncing around in my head might prefer first-person present. I much prefer my usual, but … Continue reading

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Revisiting an Old Friend

I just opened up an old YA vampire novella I wrote for NaNoWriMo in 2005. (Oh my goodness, 2005, why does this happen to me?) I apparently thought I could sell a 46k word story as a novel at one … Continue reading

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