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End of 2013

Honestly, on a real-life, personal level, not a lot happened with me in 2013. At the beginning of last year, I had all these things that I’d accomplished and things that I’d tried, but 2013 was merely an extension of … Continue reading

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Fairy Tale Remix 2: Week 13 – FINISHED

Word count: 183,984 words Words written since Week 12: 13,722 words I’m officially finished with FTR2. I celebrated with pizza, and tomorrow I’m having a frappuccino, although I really need to work on my coffee habit now that the opus … Continue reading

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10 Writerly Tips

I am almost always reluctant to give writerly advice, not just because I don’t have the official creds but also because I have mixed feelings about other people’s advice for writing. It seems like a lot of times a writer … Continue reading

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I would never do that…

The big trend, especially in YA fiction, is first-person present. I’m resolutely a third-person past kind of writer, although I’m wondering whether a YA novel bouncing around in my head might prefer first-person present. I much prefer my usual, but … Continue reading

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Nightmare Novel Editing: Week 1

Pages edited: 170/308 Number of words cut: 1,788 words Favorite typo: “White power dusted her fingertips…” The number of words cut is surprisingly low for me, perhaps because I didn’t write this novel during NaNoWriMo, and as a result, I … Continue reading

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Lonely Life

Let’s face it, writing is a hugely fulfilling part of my life, but it is also a very lonely hobby. Most of the time, it’s after ten o’clock at night. My parents have gone to bed. I’ve turned the lights … Continue reading

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What Makes a Writer

There are lots of people saying that in order to be a REAL writer, you have to do this, this, this, and this, and you have to do it every day, and you have to be published, and blah blah … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Stephen King!

I was a secret Stephen King reader starting in ninth grade when I had access to a high school library. Already a big horror fan, I knew I was going to read King eventually, but my mother kept telling me … Continue reading

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Owning Yourself

I recently read a personal essay on race in America that was breath-taking. The voice was raw and real, each sentence thought out with painstaking care, the point clarified through keen storytelling as well as good lingual instincts that knew … Continue reading

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The Writing Process

First, you get an idea. It is bright and shiny like a quarter in a corner, and you run over and pick it up and gloat quietly in your head that you were the one who found it. You subsequently … Continue reading

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