Up in Here

So I’m gearing up to start a bit of tidying in Fairy Tale Remix 1—which shall hereby be known publicly by its title, Thorns—followed immediately by the first and most brutal edit of Fairy Tale Remix 2—which shall be known by its title, Rose Red. As usual, I’ll probably have a few things to say about these edits, plus some comparative stats when I’ve finished with each edit.

Then we can all settle in while I tackle the third novel in the fairy tale remix series, Swan Song. The goal word count will be set at 150,000 words, although I never know for sure one way or another how long things are going to be. If it’s under that word count, I’ll definitely have to give Thorns and Rose Red another look-through to determine whether their insane length necessitates either extreme and unwanted cuts in the first two novels or more information in the third. I anticipate that Swan Song will join its sisters in achieving higher than the established goal. So far, the scope of the characters and stories just kind of lend themselves to that length, no matter what other novels of mine seem to want to do.

Also to possibly achieve this summer, depending on when Swan Song has been concluded in a satisfying fashion: I have some Nocturne nightmare novel to fix before returning to the duty of shopping it to agents. As usual, my problem children are my beginning (which Thorns also suffers from) and ending (a malady shared by Rose Red).

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  1. My problems are the middles! Perhaps we should combine our talents lol!

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