This Ain’t a Fairy Tale IV

I love this scene in Big Bang Theory. In fact, I just plain love Amy Farrah Fowler and think she’s a wonderful addition to the show and totally too good for Sheldon.

This felt like such a true moment. Sheldon often wants to understand why people do the things they do and feel what they feel. He doesn’t even feel human himself. But since Amy arrived, you really get the feeling that she’s got insecurities a lot of women share (Gerard and Hiram, anyone?), and Malim Byalik plays her so freaking well and with so much respect for the good and the not so good.

Whether it’s innate or whether it’s something we’re taught, I think so many girls and women want to be princesses – which can mean so many different things, good, bad, frivolous, fanciful, powerful. Sometimes, all I want to do is smash the mirror and put a tiara on, because I am a princess, and this is my tiara!

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