NaNo2013 K.O.


Paragraph that crossed me over: “After the fight, she probably wouldn’t want what she’d asked for. After the fight, she’d be reminded that fighting was all she was made for. Talons and claws. Not a kiss. Those kisses were for the fairy tales. Here, kisses were knife cuts in a cage. After the fight and after Jewel was gone, one way or another, and no longer there to tell the girls those fairy stories, she wouldn’t want them anymore.”

Just dropped in to say that at 1:49 a.m. this morning, I crossed the 50k-word line. I was technically only supposed to reach 49k words, but I decided why not go all the way. At one point, the NaNo stats said I only had to write 60 words a day to finish by the end of the month, which I found hilarious at the time.

Now, to finish. I’m quickly approaching the climax of the third act, and then we have the denouement to deal with. This is a very short novel, and after edits, I suspect it will be a novella, and then what will I do with it?

Anyway, it’s too early in NaNoWriMo for winner’s swag, but fireworks are good, too.

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One Response to NaNo2013 K.O.

  1. Congrats on reaching the goal! That is so amazing! I tried it last year and it gets seriously crazy. My virtual cap is off to you!

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