Interlude: BTVS Rant

Season 6 Scoobies around the beginning of the season? We need to talk. Sit down and listen good to Miss A.

Buffy’s just woken up from being dead and is clearly depressed and in shock at being back. Then you present her with the news that the household is almost out of money and look to her, this traumatized young woman who’s been six feet under for months, to fix this situation.

First of all, Anya’s suggestion of charging for slaying is not so out of the question and heartless capitalist as everyone is making it out to be. All of you already know that Angel is doing the exact same thing in LA, paranormal investigative services and private security. Sure, secrecy is an issue and Sunnydale isn’t quite as easy to hide in as LA. But there are options for Buffy in the same kind of arena, and everyone kind of knew Buffy helped in high school, even if they didn’t know the whole story. That’s why she got the Class Protector Award at prom.

Instead of waiting for the evil to come to her, she could discreetly offer her services for people to come to her if something bad is happening. Heck, she could probably advertise at the Magic Box. That way she could take the cases that she wanted for a fee as well as do the cases she needed to do for free like she was already doing.

Even if you don’t want to go the paying for slaying route, you can always play to your strength and go into normal private security. Your petite size and occasional blonde moments only make people underestimate you, which is useful, and you’d quickly develop a reputation. Does anyone think of playing to Buffy’s literal strengths? For five seconds at Xander’s job, where she quickly gives it up because demons, and it never comes up again. Heck, she could do that police thing that she hated to think about back in Season 2. It would smart and savvy up the police force considerably.

All of that to say that, Buffy, you have plenty of options on your table, and no one thought to tell her any of this and instead let her go work double shifts at the Doublemeat Palace to try to make ends meet all by herself?

And this brings me to the really furious part of my rant. Dawn can’t work, because that would be child labor and illegal and she’s a bit too spazzy to do the babysitter thing, but she could probably do some odd jobs underage people do to pay for the things she’s klepting, which could cover some of the Dawnie expenses. But as far as the rest of the household goes…

Are you kidding me? Buffy just woke up and you put it all on her because it’s technically her house, but correct me if I’m wrong, but there are two perfectly capable, able-bodied adult witches living in the master bedroom of the house rent-free. Sure, you’re taking care of Dawn, but that should just be par for course. Everyone takes care of Dawn.

There is absolutely zero reason why they can’t be bringing in some cash flow to this house to help. They’re in college – although neither of them ever seem to have a declared major and always take random humanities courses, so who knows what they’re going to do when they get out of college, especially since I’m guessing Tara paid for her college through scholarships and loans alone – but that doesn’t mean they can’t both have at least part-time work bringing some income to the house that provides them shelter instead of parasiting off of two almost broke girls. Two women, two part-time jobs, would be like one full-time job, which would free up Buffy for more world save-age she’s Chosen for.

No one ever says anything to Willow and Tara about the fact that if they’re going to live in that house, they need to contribute. Tara, in particular – as the moral heart of the Scoobies – should know better and feel guilty about mooching, and magic addiction aside, Willow should know better because she’s practical that way. Instead, they both let Buffy flounder, trying to look for a job and recovering from major depression, ultimately feeling humiliated and exhausted in a minimum wage job. And they contribute absolutely nothing money-shaped to the equation. This is Not Okay.

Here endeth the rant.

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2 Responses to Interlude: BTVS Rant

  1. Nicole Bross says:

    Hear, hear! This post made my day. I love it.

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