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Image is Fuseli's Nightmare.

Image is Fuseli’s Nightmare.

The second pass of edits for the nightmare novel took longer than expected, but that’s because I did a third pass as well. The second pass was for the corrections that a psychologist consultant gave me on some scenes (I also found a medical headdesk moment to correct), and the third pass was to do some deep cuts and rearranging.

The third pass was directly after the second pass, which meant that I was thoroughly tired of every single word in that novel. (I usually put some time between writing and the various revisions.) Fortunately, that meant I was in the perfect mindset to be very efficient and brutal with my cuts: “Is it necessary? No. Okay, then. *slice* Next?” The good news is that I still like the story even when I’m tired of it. Promising, that.

My hope was to dip under 120k, but I didn’t quite make it and only cut down to 123k. I say only. There was a total of 9,459 words cut from when I finished the writing of it, 6,197 of them from the third pass. And it was a fairly tight novel, so losing that many words was a solid cut. Like fantasy, the novel has some world-building, which I think accounts for its higher word count.

Next on my list is writing the synopsis, which I thought I had written when I worked on my query, but apparently I hadn’t. I dislike synopses, but they’re a necessary evil. I’m not pushing that, though. I’m taking this week easy after the intense last week. Then I’ll be done with my side of the novel. I don’t know when I’ll start sending out queries or to whom, but I’ll be completely ready.

I decided to postpone the next YA novel for NaNoWriMo instead of this August. I think the format of NaNo will actually do well for the immediate style of the story, and I’m hoping for the novel to be on the shorter side, in the 70-80k range, so I should finish early December? Maybe? Crossing my fingers?

But I’m considering starting a fairy tale-themed series of blog posts and possibly guest posts, so that would give me something to do until November, and it would help keep my mind on fairy tales before FTR2 edits in Jan or Feb 2014 and starting on FTR3 in April 2014.

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