Fairy Tale Remix 2: Week 12

Een doodgewone roos

“Look what she has done to you,” the Rat King said to Griffin, disgust in his voice. “A man of your strength and power, and you give it all up to her. For her. And for what?” The Rat King threw the pick to the ground, spittle erupting from his mouth. “Look at her!” he shouted. “She doesn’t want you.

Word count: 170,262/175,000 words

Words written since Week 11: 19,838 words

As you can see, my school break gave me a great opportunity to make a big jump ahead, and not only did I write my 20k words this week, but I made my 70k word count goal in June, bringing me up to a staggering 170k. Epic urban fantasy, ladies and gentlemen. Tonight I’m taking a writing break, because after 20k words and some creative sleeping, I’m tired. But I start right back up tomorrow, and I should still manage my 15k week quota. It’s possible I may even finish FTR2 this week. Insert OMG!cat here. 🙂

I’m officially in the story’s denouement, which should last me the rest of this chapter and the next smaller one, but it tends to be easier to write. This writer feels the downward slide of the end just like the reader, so 15k words of falling action tend to be easier than 15k words of rising action.

Olivia’s not in a happy place right now, which is quite unusual for her and emotionally hard for me to sink into her head for it, because she’s an intense person, no matter what her emotions, and it’s sure as hell more fun to be with her when she’s happier because of it. I’m not sure whether I wrote the unhappy place in the right way. The dialogue is fine but the narrative voice may have suffered, so edits will naturally have to be brutal in this section. Doing this right is essential, and I won’t settle for anything less. Perfectionists of the world, unite, with great nitpicking and low self-esteem!

In addition, the climax ended up quite a bit darker than I’d planned for, disturbing even me, since I have to live it in my head. I don’t know how much the disturbing parts of it make it into the story at the same level – that may be up to editing to accomplish – but it certainly troubled me as well as Olivia. At the time of writing, I’d had the first half of the climax all figured out, but the second half was a blur, and that’s the one that went much darker than the novel already is. As usual, I didn’t try to stifle it. Just had to write through the discomfort.

Here’s hoping that the end arrives sometime this weekend or sooner. I think I get Independence Day off, which should give me an additional word count boost.

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