Fairy Tale Remix 2: Week 11

Een doodgewone roos

“… Still, a person doesn’t just wake up one day and think that they should take up eating hearts. Knitting, maybe.”

Word count: 150,424/175,000 words

Words written since Week 10: 13,359 words

Well, look at that. I crossed 150k and I’m still going. Milestone, but not quite as exciting as The End.

I saved my extra two thousand words written two weeks ago to cushion this week, but I’d say I deserve a hand for writing this much around my brother’s wedding. If you like movie and music reviews, he’s got more refined tastes than I. Check out his blog over here. He’s honeymooning now, and I have a week off from school. It’s almost the same thing. 🙂

Right now, I feel like I’m meandering my way through one of the climaxes of the story, but I’ll only know if that’s the case once I do my first revision. I’ve encountered this suspicion before. It’s a matter of how long it takes to write a scene versus how long it takes to read one – or rather, the perception of time for those two acts. At this point, I’m most of my way through this one, and I have another one to overcome before I descend into my denouements.

The climax ended up a lot bloodier and gorier than I expected it to, which kindles my little gothic, horrorful heart, but it’s still a bit of a surprise. I don’t know whether it’ll read as gory as it is in my mind, but it’s the author’s job to try. 🙂

My hope for the next week is to get as close to finishing as possible so that the rest of it doesn’t take up much of July. I didn’t get as much of today as I’d wanted for writing, but I’ll have some good days the rest of the week and the weekend. I’m not holding myself to a higher weekly quota than usual, since I want to leave myself open to doing other things during my school break, but I’d like to write 20k instead of 15k this week. A hope, not a goal.

I can already tell that before I revise FTR2, I’ll have to go back through and do a bit of a clean-up and fact-checking in FTR1. It’s amazing how many little facts and figures you forget or need to fix, and FTR1 is just big enough that it’s hard to find things. I wish I could tag in Word.

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