Fairy Tale Remix 2: Week 8

Een doodgewone roos

“My sister, ever the resistance against peer pressure,” Rebecca said, stretching out her hand in front of Griffin. Olivia brushed Rebecca’s fingers in acknowledgement. “I know I’m not the best poster child for it, Liv, but I do want to say, in all the effort to resist pressure, don’t give up things that are worth doing.”

Word count: 105,044/150,000 words

Words written since Week 7: 14,996 words

Back up to speed. As far as 50k in May, I missed a midnight deadline by 2 minutes, but since this wasn’t an official NaNo month, I’m going by my time, where the day ends somewhere around 3 a.m. the next morning. 🙂 In order to meet my 100k goal by the end of May, I took some of my Friday school time off to write the last 4k and made up for the time on Saturday. There are some good things about flexible online requirements.

Looking back, I think this last 50k written felt better than the first. I’d pre-planned a lot of these scenes starting as far back as still writing FTR1, whereas the beginning of the story was more me figuring out what I wanted to do. I’ll know during edits whether the first 50k came out okay, but I hope the second 50k feels as decent later as it does now. It’s certainly more action-packed, which is always fun.

I’m also at the point when I’m wanting it to be over. But I’ve still got a ways to go, sweetheart. I anticipate FTR2 will clock in at less than FTR1, somewhere in the 160-170k range, but it’s hard to be sure. A lot of what’s coming is still kind of fuzzy for me, sequence-wise. Those who tell me a sequel should be longer than then first story, bite me. I’ll write how long the story is, no more, no less. I’m not shooting for more.

I still get little needles of doubt and fear, though, fear that neither story will ever be heard, that neither is worth hearing in the first place. I sent FTR1 to all the agents I care to bother, with no luck, and that’s okay. I still have the YA nightmare novel to go over again with technical edits and a scene tidy before I start sending that out, and it’s a more manageable length. But it’s discouraging on an almost subconscious level nonetheless. I’m very protective and possessive of this series, which only means I’m more insecure about it. It’s a good series, though, in my opinion. Completely unbiased, I know.

The shit has officially hit in the fan, plot-wise, and more of it is about to fly relationship-wise. I think that’s why the last scene was hard to get through, enjoyable as it should have been … just knowing where it headed to makes me sad.

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