Fairy Tale Remix 2: Week 7

Een doodgewone roos

A person thought that when he got older, his body would start listening to his head, just like he expected to stop getting pimples on his forehead. Adulthood was an unwelcome surprise, realizing that all of your awkwardness still stumbled through on occasion, but with everyone expecting you to be all put together.

Word count: 90,048/150,000 words

Words written since Week 6: 19,839 words

I counted Memorial Day as part of last week, because that made it a three-day weekend and because I can. And to achieve my goal for the month of May, I have four days to write 10k additional words. It’s doable, but it’ll be a bit of a strain, since I won’t get a reprieve until the weekend.

In this more recent love affair I’ve been writing, the relationship between my protagonist and the Beast seems downright uncomplicated. Poor, beautiful Tobin, your life is hard.

After I finished a certain scene, I still had about 2k words left to write for Monday, but my head was still in last-scene space. So I did what I tend to do when I’m blocked: Have someone else tell a story for a change. In a lot of ways, the fairy tale remixes have little mini-stories in them as well, retellings that homage the originals and other retellings while moving in a different direction. And because it’s a different story, it’s almost like a writing oasis, a break from the larger epic that I’m writing, even if it ties in with the plot.

May I also just say that I have a great deal more respect for J.K. Rowling’s continuity errors in the Harry Potter series? I’ve only done two books, and though I try to keep notes, I’m still dropping errors all over the place, I already know, and I’m not sure exactly where to look for the answers in FTR1. But for the purpose of pushing forward, I’ll have to look up the answers during first revision. Imagine how much harder it’s going to get by the time I reach FTR5 and beyond. Maybe I’ll have taken better notes by then.

All right, 10k words by the end of Friday. I can do that.

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