Fairy Tale Remix 2: Week 6

Een doodgewone roos

Marguerite took in the full scope of her handiwork, her own kind of art. All the vibrating rage with which she had awoken had calmed, a crater lake after a squall. Underneath the rippling mirror, the serpentine monster still writhed in the darkness, but for now it was content to stay beneath the surface, heavy with satiation.

Word count: 70,209/150,000

Words written since Week 5: 9,203 words

Suffice it to say, I didn’t meet my word goal this week, 75k, due to circumstances unforeseen. That means that this next week and weekend are going to include methods to catch up to where I should be, such as 3k words a day quota during the week (I might skip one, just for sanity’s sake), a little extra time on Friday to write a little extra, and of course big writing days during the weekend. At least my ultimate goal here is a monthly one rather than a series of weekly ones – 50k in the lusty month of May.

I was worried when I started this last chapter that it wasn’t going to be long enough (I generally like my chapters for this series to be 7k or longer). After a while, more and more ideas came to me, and all of a sudden it became the chapter that never ended. Actually, it did end up to be the longest series chapter yet. It almost reads like a short story, it’s so unlike anything else in the novel. But it’s absolutely essential, and I utterly love the poetry of it.

At this point, I’m not sure whether this story is going to hit the bull’s-eye for me like I feel FTR1 did – I suspect Sequel Syndrome. I think I’m going to have to do some major retooling during editing, which I dislike but is sometimes a necessity. At this point I’m just trying to get ideas and lines down before they disappear on me. I guess I can clean things up later. Then again, something that seems insufferable to me while I’m writing it can click a lot better when I’m reading it and experiencing the emotions of the scene closer to realtime. I remember that happened with FTR1, too.

Oh, and there seems to be trouble in paradise. My reactions to it are surprising, and I’m unsure how my characters will react as well. I mean, I know where all that’s going to get them, but up until then, it’s a mystery to me. Should be interesting.

It occurs to me that I’m about halfway through, should the story end up around the 150k word count. That’s … weird. Once you get to this point in a story, it’s hard to remember there was a time you weren’t working on it and that there will eventually be a time when it’s finished. The writing part anyway.

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