Fairy Tale Remix 2: Week 5

Een doodgewone roos

“I’ll at least tell you when you’re being idiots,” Tobin concluded. “A voice of caution needs to be with you guys, if just to say I-told-you-so after you ignore me.”

Word count: 61,006/150,000

Words added since Week 3: 14,865 words

I’d forgotten to do the “words added since” part. I think it gives me adequate perspective. Such as, I thought I’d only managed about 10k from two weeks ago, but now I know better and feel better.

As I said two weeks ago, I had a project I needed to finish up, so I took a break from the FTR2 to finish it. And – say it with me, folks – that project was a lot longer than expected, and so it took longer to finish. I didn’t get to write as much of the FTR2 as I wanted to, especially since this last weekend was another traveling weekend for my brother’s graduation. However, my travelful days are over for a while, which will help me catch up to where I want to be. Because of the approximately week-long project, I’ll probably set my goal for what I did last month (when I also had a week off of the beginning of the month to finish up other projects), which is 50k in the month of May. I don’t doubt that I can achieve it if my discipline continues.

I’m reminded of just how long things take when you’re writing something of epic proportions. Prior to the FTR2, I was editing and doing short projects, so most things took either several days or several weeks. Not several months. And this baby is poised to take me through at least the end of June and likely through part of July. That’s a chunk of annual change right there.

At least it’s fun, right?

And it really is, even if I haven’t completely pre-plotted all the scenes I’ve been working on lately, which is part of the reason I’ve spent valuable writing time staring at my cursor as it mocks me. Another reason is that I’m fighting with my hands about not pulling out my hair (literally) and instead using those weary wrists and fingers to type. It’s a battle now that my hair is long enough to pull and I’m trying to grow it out again. The hair pulling is as disruptive to the writing process as Facebook, I swear.

On the other hand, the shit has officially started to hit the fan in the story, and that’s always a good place to be – on this side of the computer screen, of course. I get to play more with Marguerite’s perspective this time around, and boy, it’s an interesting perspective to play with. That, and we’ve met some rats. It’s exciting.

Coming up, we get to meet a character I’ve been dying to encounter, because I think Olivia and she will get on splendidly and annoying the crap out of her brother because of it. Where would we be if we didn’t annoy the crap out of Ian? He’s just so easy, poor man. Griffin’s been awfully quiet, though, observer that he tends to be. I shall have to remedy that.

ETA: As you can see by the badge on the side of my blog, I did, in fact, succeed in writing 50k words in the month of April, winning Camp NaNo in the year 2013. Go me!

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