Fairy Tale Remix 2: Week 3

Een doodgewone roos

“She can stay with me,” Tobin offered. “I have four locks and a doorman. I can’t protect her from nomadic sorcerers or rabid werewolves, but I can give her a haven from the more unpleasant elements of the city. Like a certain blue-haired booby.”
“I resemble that remark,” Olivia replied.

Word count: 46,141/150,000

By the end of Tuesday, I’ll have written 50k words in a little more than three weeks. I continue to think that’s awesomesauce. However, after I cross the 50k line and finish a scene, I’m going to have to set the FTR2 aside for the rest of the week to finish up a project I didn’t get done before starting the FTR2. I’d hoped I could do double-duty, but it’s not working out. So my quota for FTR2:W4 will be whatever I can manage to do today and tomorrow, plus after I finish the other project.

It’s been a crazy week. I house-sat for a friend, so I had new writing arrangements and sometimes lacked motivation (for non-house sitting reasons – let’s just say I’m having a mild life crisis). Then I traveled to a memorial for my grandparents over the weekend. Six-hour drive there, six-hour drive back, so I used my laptop battery to write about 2000-3000 words in the car. I was determined to get my writing in, and since I had all that time on my hands, it seemed a reasonable course of action.

On the bright side, the center of the characters’ wonderful lives are failing to hold. And just last night things started to fall apart, which is terrible for all of them, of course, but good for a story and interesting for the writer. I also came up with a few motivation bridges for scene gaps, which is always a nice eureka moment.

Last week’s writing had a severe lack of Tobin, and as it turns out, it also suffered from deficiency of the Richard. I made up for both in this week’s writing.

I’m noticing that this novel delves a little bit more into Olivia as an artist and a somewhat loopy fashionista. I’m actually having fun with that. And I got to introduce one of her friends into the mix. In FTR1, not a lot of Olivia’s life was dealt with, and we were only introduced to Tobin as far as friends went. It was kind of fun to bring FTR2 back to her urban artist turf.

I never know whether my metaphors are good. I’m kind of high on being tired by the time I get to writing, and the similes and metaphors kind of weed out of me. Some of them I really like and feel perfect at the time, but I guess I’ll figure out if they really work or are simply ridiculous during First Revision.

In the meantime, I have Camp NaNo to finish, plus additional project. See you next week!

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