Fairy Tale Remix 2: Week 2

Een doodgewone roos

So when Griffin gently took Olivia’s hand, his thumb stroking her palm, Rebecca silently gave her approval for the two of them. Ironically, being fifteen centuries old was better than being eighty-something.

Word count: 28,340/150,000

Isn’t that quote just the truth when it comes to immortals? *snerk*

I didn’t make my word goal for the week, but in my defense, I saw Wicked on Saturday and had a kind of bad night after that (unrelated events, former means time lost and latter means emotional fortitude lost). I will try to make up for it today and tomorrow.

I know I bandy on about novel length and word count, but I’m not a size queen. I’m really not. In fact, if I have time before NaNoWriMo in November, I hope to write a properly sized YA novel, somewhere in the 85-100k region. And I’ve written novellas and short stories. In fact, a werewolf story I intended for another purpose ended up going in a different direction, and now I don’t know what to do with it, but there you go … I have a 10k werewolf story for somewhere, someday.

I’m concerned with word count because it gives me a visual sense of the size and scope of the novel, how long it would be in this kind or that kind of paperback, and, you know, whether an agent would give me the time of day for it. Word count also helps tell me where I am in the novel. Except right now. I don’t think I’ll know where I am in comparison to the end until I reach the big scene after the next one. Right now I’m ramping up smaller conflicts and discord, which I hope will explode in everyone’s face like a water balloon. What did you think I was going to say?

One thing I’ve gotta say is that my character count is difficult to juggle. As a writer, anyway. I hope it’s not difficult for the reader. It’s just that I introduced a ton of characters in FTR1, and naturally you introduce new characters into your sequel. That’s just how it works. They don’t have to be main characters or lingering characters, but new helps.

And may I just say that there isn’t nearly enough of Tobin yet? Just one Grumpy Cat scene so far. Thankfully, he’ll have plenty of screen time from the party onward.

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