Fairy Tale Remix 2: Week 1

Een doodgewone roos

Is she a princess? Is she a maidservant? Is she a cadaver? She doesn’t know, and she tells him as much.

Word count: 15,489/150,000

So the lengthy gap between now and my last post was because I was clearing up some last-minute work to start the fairy tale remix sequel last Monday. I’m officially doing this as a Camp NaNo thing, 50k words in one month according to my self-imposed word goal (and in spite of starting a week late), but since I would have done it regardless, it’s just a way to share my writing time with other people rather than Camp giving me a kick in the butt about it.

FTR2 started off kind of shakily. Naturally, it’s been a while since I wrote in this universe, and I felt the weight of the whole series on my shoulders to get it as right as possible, and of course, many of the early scenes have been percolating in my head since midway through writing FTR1. I put a lot of pressure on myself. It’s strange, because other kinds of writing don’t make me feel this insecure. I was going to say that I can’t remember being this insecure while writing FTR1, but then I remembered that I was, in fact, this insecure. I anticipate a bipolar roller coaster with this one, folks, just like the last one. Same shit, different day.

For instance, I started to like where I was going with it somewhere around chapter 2. I’m still not sure about chapter 1, and I may need to wait for first revision before I know whether it serves its purpose. The argument ended up being longer and more significant than I thought, but it needs to tie in a bit more and not just be a rehash of FTR1’s beginning. A little formula never hurt anyone, and in fact you can nod to it in a series, as long as you don’t constantly stick to it to the point that it becomes unnecessarily repetitive.

Before beginning, I didn’t quite clear out all the projects I wanted to do, so I’ll be interspersing April and early May with another project, marking the first time I’m writing two projects at once. But FTR2 gets precedence, always. We’ll see if I have a breakdown before the end of the month.

This weekend included the mid-April writing marathon on Saturday, in which I participated to give my word count a little kick and open up my Sunday to recover from my otherwise busy weekend doing other things in addition to the marathon. I think I wrote about 5500 words, which isn’t too shabby.

So the saga continues, and I’m starting to like it.

Unfortunately, I also created a plot point that a character needs to justify, and I’m stumped. Fortunately, I don’t have to address it for a while. I’ll hopefully have my eureka moment on one of my dog walks soon.

In the meantime, I’m still sending out FTR1 to agents, knowing that its size probably make it DOA. I’ve gotten one interested response, provided I cut it in half. I’ve made a decision that if FTR2 is over 150k words (and I’m not going to push that word count, just trust the story to take as long as it needs), I’ll leave FTR1 alone. If FTR3 is also over 150k and I complete it before I find an agent for FTR1, I’ll consider self-publishing.

ETA: Let’s see how off I am when I finish, since I almost always underestimate word count and how long a novel takes to complete (and I’m guessing those two are related, just a thought). Declaration: I anticipate that this novel will take roughly three months, since I’m aiming for at least 50k per month, so I’m hoping I finish the novel in late June/early July, and I do anticipate it’ll be closer to 150k words total than 200k like FTR1. I’m hoping late-July-me will not be laughing humorlessly and cursing the day I was born.

Because it’s relevant to my writing, have a macro  (leaving aside it was a birth celebration, not a wedding that precipitated the curse):


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