Fairy Tale Remix Editing – Week 2


Pages edited: 372/436
Number of words cut: 10,500 words
Favorite mistake: Sadly, none this week. All of it was pretty straightforward stuff.

Well, the cuts started in earnest this week, whittling down the total number of pages from 448 to 436. The only reason why it hasn’t gone down further is that I’ve split quite a few paragraphs, which counteracted reductions from cuts. As far as what I was cutting, most of it was extraneous stuff that interrupted the pace or, one of my weaknesses, repetitive details. No shame in that. You can’t always remember what you wrote 10,000 words ago. Sometimes even 2,000 words ago. That’s what these edits are for!

Last Monday was President’s Day, and we get all government holidays off at school, so I did my usual weekend thing and went to Paradise Bakery to do some more intense edits. I ended up knocking down 50 pages, twice my usual daily goal. And then Tuesday I knocked down either 30 or 40.

I tried to keep up that pace and started to feel the burn around Thursday. I grew weary of the whole process, the story tasted stale, and I looked for ways to procrastinate. This is usually a sign that I’m pushing myself too hard, and it’s my policy that as soon as writing work starts feeling like a chore, it’s time to pull back. I don’t do good work when I’m resentful. So I told myself that I was already ahead and could watch a movie Thursday and Friday and didn’t have to meet my daily goals.

And voila, with the pressure off, I suddenly wanted to edit again and started re-enjoying the story. I still enforced my movie-watching, since I definitely needed the break, and I knew I’d get plenty of editing time Saturday and Sunday when I went to Paradise.

The rate I’m going, I will almost certainly finish by this Wednesday. Then I’ll look at my query letter that I’ve been working on during the editing process and start looking for agents.

I’m also going to take something of a break between the end of this edit and my next project. I may or may not attempt the possession novel this year. I don’t know whether I’m mentally up to it, and I’d like to get some more research done. So I may only be doing the second fairy tale remix novel this spring/summer. We’ll see.

As far as the sexual scenes are concerned, I’m surprised at how little I’ve had to tone them down. There’s still one more to check. There’s also the scene I might need to transpose to earlier, but I think I found where to put it, should I feel it’s appropriate to move it.

As I edit, I still get these thrills of joy. I still tear up at certain places. I’m still eager. I’m really happy with this story. I only hope it isn’t too long that it turns off when I try to sell it.

In other news, last week was my one-year anniversary at this blog. One year ago, I wrote that I was going to start my fairy tale remix novel within a week or so. It seems only appropriate that the anniversary should fall as I’m finishing up my first revision.

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