Nightmare Week 13 – FINISHED!

Words written since Week 12: 13,295 words

Total words: 132,223 words

“What she never wanted to talk about with the shrinks was what these nightmares said about her and what she was capable of…”
Image is Fuseli’s Nightmare.

Around 10k of those words were written just last night. I think that’s a record for me in terms of how much I’ve ever written in one night, breaking my previous record of about 8500, and that was back in sophomore year of college, which I was far more prolific than I am now (if you can believe that). I wrote until 5 in the morning because I didn’t want to have to write during Halloween. I really wanted to watch a scary movie before starting a new project. No breaks, but that’s okay.

I cannot attest as to the quality of the last 10k words, but I think it’s mostly decent. I did have a few minutes of profound horror at the crap I was able to produce, but I chalked it down to frayed nerves and sleeping less than five hours a night for the last four nights or so. I can only hope that what I wrote is salvageable on a good night’s sleep sometime next year. I can’t promise that this ending is any better than the last one – I’ll have to think on it. But the rest of the story is better than the original, which is good. If precedent holds, it’s probably better than I think it is at the moment. Crossing my fingers.

Here are some stats, because I like stats, and doing a rewrite lends itself to comparisons:

# of songs in novel playlist: 38

Word count, original and rewrite: 63,511 and 132,221 (roughly twice the length of the original)

# of significant characters added (not counting name changes and slight alterations): 4

# of chapters, original and rewrite: 11 and 15

# of pages, original and rewrite (11p font, single space, variations in chapter format and font type): 99 and 175

Approx amount of time it took to write, original and rewrite: 8 weeks and a little over 12 weeks

Age written, original and rewrite: 17 and 25

Quote inspiration, original and rewrite: Book of Job and Shakespeare’s Hamlet

Fuseli’s “Nightmare” helped inspire both novels.

Pretty amazing stuff. At the very least, I feel like I did a successful rewrite, took a lot of elements from the original that didn’t work and made the rough gem it was originally into something a little more polished. There was a lot of good in the original that I kept – I just hope I added more good.

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