Nightmare Week 12

Words written since Week 11: 12,785 words

Word count: 118,926 words

“I would survive, but I do not want to survive your death, Callie. I am as much your Guardian as theirs. I will come for you tonight. You cannot escape from this. I can find you wherever you run. There is no choice, Creator, no choice but to live.”
Image is Fuseli’s Nightmare.

I spent most of the week working on the editing project to get it done before the weekend, and I ended up finishing it Thursday and I needed sleep on Friday, so I started writing again Saturday. As expected, switching creative gears was very difficult, and it’s why I like to finish a project before I start on another. However, my editing project had a hard deadline, whereas this novel has a deadline only imposed by me, so naturally the editing had to get done first.

Despite the trouble that getting back into the story gave me, I did manage to write about 11k words in one weekend, which is pretty amazing. I don’t know how much sense the dialogue made, but at least I have it down to refine when I finally start my first-pass edits.

I really wanted to finish the story this weekend and have a few days off before starting another project. Alas, it seems not to be. I did, however, make sure I set everything up for the climax – which will be long – and the denouement, which I anticipate will be short. So I’m going to give my best shot toward finishing it tonight, or at the very least finishing the climax scene(s). Maybe I’ll have Halloween evening off to watch a horror film.

I’m going to write about it one day, my struggle with knowing that so many people have similar ideas and that I’m constantly afraid that what I write just isn’t original. I keep hearing other writers talking about plot ideas, and my stomach just sinks lower and lower every time I hear something familiar. I keep telling myself that there’s very few original plots and what matters is unique execution, but the paranoia persists.

I’m already starting to look into researching for my next novel I’m starting March 2013 (if the world as we know it still exists), and my pocketbook is already quivering with fear. If only my interests were not so esoteric. I doubt my local library has most of these.

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