Nightmare Week 10

Words written since Week 9: 15,913 words

Word count: 106,143/120,000

“But the best nightmares – the ones that linger, the ones that are most contagious – are often the simplest…”
Image is Fuseli’s Nightmare.

Definitely stepped up my weekly writing, and I’m still not as close as I want to be to the end of the novel. I’m crossing fingers and toes hoping that I can get this thing finished by this weekend. The craft fair is over, so I don’t have to work on that in addition to the writing, but now I have an editing project that also demands my time through the rest of the week. Naturally.

On the bright side, after the scene I’m in the middle of is finished, I have just one big scene left. There will be a few smaller scenes before and after the climax, but it’s the climax I really have to tackle. That’s going to be a good chunk of important verbiage. And yeah, I’m still not positive what I’m going to do for it. I’ve got a general idea of its direction – it’s the how that’s the problem. Hopefully, I can overcome that obstacle with as little pain as possible when I get to it.

I have learned a valuable lesson writing these last two novels: Always overestimate how much time something is going to take. Although, in my defense, that’s something I’m consistently terrible at, estimating how long something is going to take. It bites me in the butt every time.

Now I need to go write another 2k words. Send some energy my way. Just one more week of caffeine dependency, and then I can kick the habit. Right?

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