Nightmare Week 9

Words written since Week 8: 8,142 words

Word count: 90,230/110,000 (too lazy for the meter right now)

“She was pretty sure that little girls like her should not be let out of their towers.”
Image is Fuseli’s Nightmare.

Quota seems to have been abandoned. I think I’ve officially reached the point of being overwhelmed. I really want to finish this novel by the end of next Sunday, but I also have a craft fair on Saturday, and I have jewelry that I would very much like to be available for that fair. And I’m pretty sure this book will take more than 10k words to write. Head is full of attempts to schedule, but unscheduled things will always get in the way. And then, of course, there’s school, which has to take precedence over everything else. Something is going to give, just not sure which one at this point.

I’m writing this instead of writing the novel just as a sort of creative push, but I’m still stressed out.

As of now, I have to finish this scene, and then there are two significant scenes before the big climax scene and then the denouement. This novel ends quickly, unlike the fairy tale remix, as seems to be typical in the horror genre. So the end is in sight, but is it close enough?



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