Nightmare Week 8

Words written since Week 7: 8,759 words

82088 / 100000 words. 82% done!

“If a nightmare could dream, I would say I have dreamt of you.”
Image is Fuseli’s Nightmare.

I know, I’m soooo bad I only got 9k done this week. That was sarcastic voice. That means that I’m 3k words in the red, but today is a government holiday, so I’ll write the 3k today anyway. The end is in sight. I hope to finish this either by next weekend or halfway through the week, which would be best since my Saturday will be taken up by the Share the Harvest Fall Gift Market, my one craft fair of the year.

Wrote one of my least favorite scenes this week that was a bit like pulling teeth to get through. It was a completely new scene, nothing remotely like it in the original, and it worked in my head but fell flat in execution. I wonder if I’m going to have one of these for every novel. The fairy tale remix had one, too. I had to keep picking at it, and at least now I think I have something to work with during edits to make it more like what I had in my head and less soap opera melodrama.

On the other hand, I got to tackle one of my favorite scenes from the original, although I think it needs some tweaking as well to make it more intense. I may even do a little of that tweaking today.

Note: Creating soundtracks for my novels to write to is really effective. And I can listen to it when I’m not writing to start plotting for future scenes, since the atmosphere is created by the music. I quite adore making playlists.

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One Response to Nightmare Week 8

  1. Nicole Bross says:

    I have a soundtrack for my story too. Each chapter has a song or two that inspired the events in it, and when I’m working on that scene, I put the song on repeat until I’m done.

    Also, I think 9k a week is great progress! There weren’t too many weeks I achieved that much.

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