Nightmare Week 7

Words written since Week 6: 10,268 words

73329 / 100000 words. 73% done!

“This is not something that you choose, Creator. This is something that has been chosen for you,” the Guardian said.
Image is Fuseli’s Nightmare.

I did not manage to make up last week’s 2,000 words short, but I managed to make my quota. I wrote a lot on Saturday, which made writing a lot on Sunday a little harder. That, plus a headache. Also, there was a really rough emotional scene that is probably easier to read, but it was hard to make myself write it.

I anticipate only making my quota again this week, since it’s another work week. However, I’ll probably have most of next week off to catch up.

You may wonder why I don’t write about the content of my stories so much or why I don’t expound on character development and plot ideas that come along. The truth is: I’m mildly paranoid. Since in this case it’s mild and harmless – as compared to the times when it’s anything but – I mostly accept it. I don’t want someone coming in and stealing ideas, however unlikely that is and however arrogant that makes me sound. Especially when I’m pretty sure there’s nothing original, it’s all in the execution. But sometimes just posting the titles of these posts and the mini-excerpts makes me feel weird and unsafe.

The last thing I want is to have to go to court to fight someone over my idea, especially since it’s very hard to prove when the idea has been altered enough, even with all the time stamps for my posts and the back-ups for my stories to prove that the story is mine. See? These are the things I think about. Sometimes I push myself beyond my comfort zone, but I probably won’t talk in any depth about character and content until some kind of publishing is going down, with a contract and legal backing.

This does not mean that I don’t have thoughts about what I’m writing, very thinky thoughts that I sometimes work out during my evening walks. I swear, if anyone’s looking out their window at night or walking or sitting on the curb, they must think I’m batty, talking to myself and gesticulating widely while I walk the dog.

I think I’m heading into the final act of the nightmare novel, which means that, yes, it’s probably going to be closer to 100k than I’d like. It also means that things are moving faster now, and a lot of the things that are different about this story are coming to a head and taking over from the original.

I still have no idea how this story is going to end. That’s the nightmare right there.

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