Nightmare Week 5

Words written since Week 4: 14,144

55275 / 100000 words. 55% done!

“The nightmares were for her. They were for her to suffer alone.
But that wasn’t entirely true, was it?”
Image is Fuseli’s Nightmare.

Since I have a strange fondness for the number 144, the number of words written makes me extra happy. And hey, I crossed 50k!

The decision to write 15k instead of 10k on weeks where I have less work has been a good idea so far. As the material deviates more from the original, the 15k may be harder to maintain. We’ll just have to see. For now, it’s a good boost.

Already, I’m noticing how the small changes made in the beginning are starting to create a brand new storyline. Kind of how in time travel, when you make a slight change in the past, it increasingly alters the chain of events so that the more time goes by, the more the future differs from the original timeline. All you need to do in a story is alter a few things, and it snowballs from there, becoming more and more its own.

I’m a bit worried, because I’ve crossed 50k and I’m pretty sure I’m only barely halfway through. True, I’ve added a few additional complications to the story, but since the original clocked in at a little over 63k words, I figured I had the room. But now I’m wondering if the story will be closer to 100k than 80k. I’m not prejudiced against long stories by any means, and I’ll give this story as much wordage as it demands. The biggest problem with a longer story is time and how much it takes to complete the project. I only have so much time to work with. Hopefully, the extra 5k here and there will help offset the added plot and the space needed to address them.

While the fairy tale remix was long and involved, I felt like I had a good grasp of its various threads. With the nightmare novel, I kind of feel like I’m losing my grip on it, and that makes me very nervous. All I can do is continue to patiently follow where it takes me and hope that it all makes sense at the end. If it doesn’t, well … I guess I have some more work to do next spring.

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2 Responses to Nightmare Week 5

  1. Nicole Bross says:

    I had to stretch my original word count goal quite a bit too. I’m hoping to get it back to my original sub-100k goal after a few rounds of revision. 15k a week is amazing! I’d love to be so prolific.

    • I seem to be as good at judge novel size as I am with distance. I always underestimate. Being a little more prolific means I get a little less sleep, but if I enjoy a story enough, it’s usually worth it … with coffee.

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