Nightmare Week 4

Words since Week 3: 10,344

41131 / 100000 words. 41% done!

“Your time is coming. If you don’t seize the opportunity and face whatever silences you, this is all you are ever going to be. This cringing young woman.”
Image is Fuseli’s Nightmare.

I think it’s funny I feel guilty about taking whole sections of the original and only tweaking them a little bit. As though I’m cheating on my word count. Never mind that this is how it’s supposed to work and that there’s a lot of the original I’m keeping.

There’s also a lot that I’m changing. Those places flow more quickly than if this were fully an original novel. It’s like the difference between building a house from scratch and renovating one you already have. All the structure is there. It’s just a matter of working around and with it and being a little flexible.

Rewriting this novel reminds me how much I loved the original. I only hope that the alterations help it become even better. All the horror elements are rearing their frightening heads, and I just become giddy with it.

This next week is my work week off, so I’m hoping to cross 50k and reach 55k by the end of next Sunday. I won’t get on my case if I don’t. I’m just really hoping for that. Right now, I’m not feeling halfway done with the novel, which makes me a little bit nervous. I hope it doesn’t go too much higher than 100k, if it has to get close at all. I don’t want another long one. I really don’t.

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