Nightmare Week 3

Word count since Week 1: 15,729

30787 / 100000 words. 31% done!

“Here, they adore you. Here, you are not their victim; you are their Creator.”
Image is Fuseli’s Nightmare.

The novel is moving apace, so fast it’s almost scary. I keep having to remind myself that I’m mostly just retyping and tweaking a lot of it rather than making a complete overhaul and that the novel is meant to be shorter than the fairy tale remix. On the bright side, I made up for last week’s lower word count from computer issues.

One of the major weaknesses of the original nightmare novel was flimsy characterization, including for my protagonist. The rewrite required an evaluation of each character and what needed to change, which is part of what’s leading to new parts of the book that are nothing like the original, and hopefully the new parts will bolster the slightly altered old parts and reframe them in a more effective and interesting way. And hopefully it will lead to a better ending, which I still don’t know, by the way. Not knowing the ending is part of what made the last one not as cool as I wanted; let’s cross our fingers that the same will not be true of the rewrite.

Already I’ve learned new things about my characters and their motivations, which has been a pleasure, as plot and character discovery tend to be. It’s also a pleasure to return to my horror roots. My inclinations have been more toward the fantasy genre lately, but I do love a good dash of horror, and the nightmare novel has more than a dash of it, as you might imagine.

This last week had me mostly rewriting and touching up old scenes. In the next week, I hope to get into the meat of some new material. It means typing more slowly, but we also get to meet some new characters, one which did not appear in the original and the other which appeared much earlier in the original. Should be an experience.

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