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Things I Probably Won’t Write: Pregnancy

I never say never, because given how my character casts have grown and the way that I’m writing more about adults now, it seems unlikely that I will never write a pregnant character or a character who has an infant. … Continue reading

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Nightmare Week 2

No stats this week. I got about 2500 words written because of the computer issues. So much for my gung ho hopes for the weekly word count for the novel. I hope to catch up this next week with 12,500 … Continue reading

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Lessons from a Death-Throe Computer

This last week, my computer started glitching. If you’ve ever had your computer stop working the way it should, when you have your entire life on it, you know how stressful it is. I had some free time, but that … Continue reading

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Nightmare Week 1

  15058 / 100000 words. 15% done! Not quite a long enough break, didn’t get to do everything that I felt I needed to, but I felt like if I waited any longer to start my nightmare novel, I either … Continue reading

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Owning Yourself

I recently read a personal essay on race in America that was breath-taking. The voice was raw and real, each sentence thought out with painstaking care, the point clarified through keen storytelling as well as good lingual instincts that knew … Continue reading

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Taking a Break

So for the past two weeks, I’ve been enjoying a good break from writing and the accompanying pressure from trying to fit writing into my schedule. Don’t get me wrong – I love to write, and as I’ve said many … Continue reading

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