Fairy Tale Remix Week 19

Words written since Week 18: 9,977

180044 / 200000 words. 90% done!

“Well, don’t you just feel like a knight and a half,” Tobin said with a grin. His grinning muscles had been neglected of late, and they appreciated the exercise.

I was worried there for a while that I wouldn’t get my full 10k in last week and that it would have to bleed into this week. Because I had both school and work, that usually has me doing school until midnight or later, which leaves me with very little energy for writing. Sometimes I manage a thousand words here and there anyway, but on Friday I was just kind of worn out and didn’t write a thing. That left me with 7k words to write this last weekend, and usually I try not to have more than 6k. 5k is best. I know just one thousand words or two thousand words over doesn’t sound like a lot, but as I’ve said before, 2k is a good daily word count for me when I’m not busy, so managing 3k on Saturday and 4k on Sunday seemed tough.

However, the denouement momentum worked in my favor. I managed the 7k through the weekend without too much trouble. In fact, it was kind of invigorating. I got to go out for coffee with Mom on Saturday morning, watch some Mentalist episodes for writing fortification (I usually watch an episode in between each 1,000 or 1,500 words), and even had time on Sunday to watch a horror movie with Snow Caps and Mike’s Hard Black Cherry Lemonade (which I totally recommend) and read outside on an unseasonably cooler summer day (only 90 degrees outside). So it actually ended up a perfect balance of work and play, and I got all 10k words in.

I’m hoping to finish in this next week. My plan is to write 2k words every night this week and finish during or before the weekend. Part of me is worried that now 100k-word novels are going to seem short to me. Oh, dear, I hope not.

As for the writing itself, I finished Chapter 16 and started Chapter 17, which should be the penultimate chapter. Set up a few things for Book 2. Renamed the first book and made the original title the series name. Gave working titles for the next two books. I like looking through Etsy artists to find potential covers for potential novels, and I think I found an artist who, if I’m asked, I’ll recommend her works for the covers of this series. They’re really quite perfect, in my opinion. But I know authors usually have limited say in their cover art, so I probably shouldn’t get my hopes up. Or even get my hopes up for publication. (Oh, who am I kidding? Of course I’ve got my hopes up, dammit.)

It turns out that the secondary protag’s later perspective in the story works just fine, even if it did get a little dark and bitter. But that’s part of the set-up, poor boy.

Here’s hoping Week 20 brings us to the end!

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