Fairy Tale Remix Week 17

Words since Week 16: 9,978

160104 / 200000 words. 80% done!

“You have no idea why I do what I do,” the Hunter said, “or why I don’t do what I don’t do.”

I did have a lot of time this week, like I expected, and I used it effectively to write as well as give myself a little break. I’m one of those people who functions best when I have a break here and there, and that’s why I enjoy our quarterly breaks from school, even if I do have to work during them.

Although the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t very close, I can at least see the light now. The end is in sight. And just knowing that actually helps me breathe a sigh of relief. Sometimes, when you’re writing something long, it feels like it goes on forever. The wonderful thing about this story is that even though the book will end and give me respite, there’s still more story to come, so it won’t be quite so sad to finish.

The action continues to be a bit spotty for me, but I think I’m handling it relatively well, considering it’s not my forte. Also, at one point I had to go back and check a few things about one of my characters at a certain part in the story, and I ended up reading through a good portion of Chapter 7 and 8 and discovered that parts I thought were weak at the time aren’t nearly as bad as anticipated. That’s definitely encouraging. Also, as an aside, I set up chapter titles for this novel, which I don’t normally do, and I’m kind of getting a kick out of them.

Based on where I am now in the story, I anticipate that it will take me about 25-35k more words to finish this behemoth. Length aside, I’m not so happy about that. It means that I won’t have as much time off between novels as I wanted, and it means that I have less time to complete the next novel, and then less time between the next novel and Nanowrimo. Just in general, my timeline is off, and that throws me off as well. I’m a hopeless scheduler, and this messes with the schedule. I hope this effort to write three novels in one year doesn’t backfire on me.

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2 Responses to Fairy Tale Remix Week 17

  1. joehinojosa says:

    If I tried to schedule my writing, I’d get off schedule the very first day!

    • Schedule is a loose term. I scheduled a novel in the spring, a novel in the fall, and NaNoWriMo, of course, in November. My fall novel was supposed to start in August, but at the rate my spring novel is going, that’ll give me only a week’s break, if that, and I have some plotting to do. And I wanted to edit during that break, but now it looks like that’ll have to wait for next year.

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