Fairy Tale Remix Week 15

Words written since Week 14: 10,004

138015 / 150000 words. 92% done!

“… I simply do not like to see such a pathetic sight as a rose without an admirer,” Griffin said.

Met the quota for the week, and I should be able to make up for Week 14’s shortfall and reach my arbitrary 150k-word goal by next Sunday (or Monday morning, I’m really not picky). As I suspected, this story will probably last me through 175k words, thereabouts. It’s really been quite the undertaking, something for my personal history books. And just imagine, if I feel the yen, I could have as many as four more books with the same scope. Somebody knock some sense into me. (And for the record, it took me far too long to type these last few sentences. Clearly, I’ve been typing too much lately.)

So it’s pretty official that I’ve hit a mild burnout. Procrastination has been the word this last week, although I kicked my butt into gear this weekend. Fortunately for me, this week I don’t have work and part of next week I don’t have school, so I have a little extra energy to spare for writing and doing a few other things to assuage my weary attention span. I’m sure the fact that I’m headed into some action in this third act will help, especially as I try frantically to plot how it’ll all fit together in just the right way.

Because of my burnout, I had to resort to NaNoWriMo tactics: basically, just writing whatever comes into my head to jump-start the narrative direction. On the bright side, it may have given one of my secondary protagonists a little bit of a moment to shine, since I haven’t been in his head for a while. This story focuses mostly around my primary protagonist, but this particular secondary protagonist is going to get a little more attention in the next book, and it’s time to start setting that stage.

In other news, my list of names and identifying traits is getting longer and longer. So glad that I started writing them down, since having to look them up all the time would start to suck. I’m so used to a smaller cast of characters to keep track of, but it’s kind of fun looking up names for everyone. Also in this file is a bit of the last chapter that I just had to get down before I lost the words, because the exact words were important. I don’t usually write that way – I’m an Alpha to Omega kind of woman. But I don’t feel like I’ve spoiled the ending for myself by writing it, as I often feel after writing out of sequence. Instead, it gives me something to drive toward. Maybe because, like most endings, it’s just another beginning.

One of my favorite parts of writing this remix, though, are the retellings I get to write. It’s so much fun. I’m looking forward to the editorial experience on this novel, since it needs some polishing, but I think I’ll enjoy going back through it and finding the gems within.

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