Fairy Tale Remix Week 14

Words written since Week 13: 7,813

128011 / 150000 words. 85% done!

“Remind me not to run the cross-country marathon as though the dogs of hell are at my heels again,” she said.

I was in a bit of a mood this week, for various little mental things and some unknown variable. It got worse during the weekend, which is my primary writing time especially when I have my part-time work during the week. So I did not reach my quota. I decided to give myself two weeks instead of one week to make up the difference rather than grant myself clemency. I really want to be done with this story.

Another big part of not meeting the quota comes from mild burnout. I’ve had worse burnout before, but I have been working on this one project pretty steadily since mid-March. It is now mid-June. That’s three months of focus – to give you something to compare it to, my first novel (which will be reworked this fall) took me two months of focused work. Most of my NaNo novels have worked that way, too. That’s a good length of time for me.

I was prepared for the scope of the story and the characters. I was prepared to research. I was prepared to step out of my comfort zone with those things. What I was not prepared for was the sheer amount of time that the writing takes up. I don’t think it is wasted time – not by any means. I love writing. But it’s a lot of time for me to spend on one project. My mind is drifting to other ideas (none of which I can use until maybe next year anyway). I’m wanting to make jewelry. I’m wanting to watch DVD sets of television shows that I have in my closet waiting for the watching. I’m wanting to do some editing projects. Mostly, it’s a desire to do something different.

But I can’t step away. When I step away from a project, that makes it that much more difficult to return to it – as evidenced by some of my novels I need to finish but just haven’t gotten to yet. I need to stay immersed in the world I’m in until the rough draft is completed. I know this about myself. Still, it’s hard to push through, especially since the end is not yet in sight. And even though I’m headed toward the climax of the story, I’m still not sure what’s going to happen, and that 1) makes me nervous and 2) slows me down.

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