Fairy Tale Remix Week 13

Words written since Week 12: 10,188

120198 / 150000 words. 80% done!

“So all we need to do is make sure we love and nurture her and don’t abandon her, and we may stave off the inevitable wicked queen syndrome,” Olivia said.

As that percentage number gets higher, it just gets more and more awesome. And every time I cross a 10k milestone, I can’t believe how far I’ve come. I’ve written over 120,000 words of a novel. I don’t think that will ever stop being cool.

We’re slowly heading into the third act of the novel, which means that an end is conceivable, if not quite in sight. I wanted to finish by the end of May, but I’ll probably end up bleeding into July. I’m not happy about it, because it shortens my summer timeline a lot. But 10k is a good goal for each week, and I don’t want to put too much pressure on the story to move faster for me than it already is.

Entering into a pretty hot scene for Week 14, which is again surprisingly difficult. But I will wrangle this thing into a manageable scene if I have to sweat bullets. This will happen, and I will do it right. I am Determined.

Still not sure about how the action of the third act will unfold, but I guess I’ll address it when I get to it, and hopefully my attempts to stitch together bits of scenes that I’ve had in my head since Day 1 won’t get too choppy or awkward.

For the record, most days I enjoy this story and I like the characters. I consider this a good sign. At least, I hope it is. While there are other things that I want to do with my time, writing this story does not feel like a waste. On the contrary, I mostly enjoy myself. It’s work, but it’s the invigorating kind. I always do better when I have some kind of creative exercise, something that I enjoy that works my brain. Plotting a novel seems to be one of those things.

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