Fairy Tale Remix Week 11

Words written since Week 10: 9,912

100042 / 150000 words. 67% done!

As you probably know, a mirror that tells the truth is a recipe for chaos. The last thing a woman wants from a mirror is the truth.

Holy crap, I’ve written over 100k words. That’s quite a milestone, two-thirds of the way to my arbitrary goal number. I just started on Chapter 11, and I’m nowhere near finishing. We haven’t even completed the first part of the quest, although we are underway.

I know the story sounds long, but like I said earlier, I knew going into it that this story has far more scope than most of my other stories. They tend to have a single protagonist and they tend to stay in one place. That keeps me in the typical 80-100k word range acceptable for a debut novel. However, that range is a guideline rather than a rule (I’ve read and enjoyed far longer debut novels), and I don’t expect this novel to be my debut, although that won’t stop me from trying. This novel has one primary protagonist and two secondaries, not to mention the rest of the substantial cast of significant characters and my villains; instead of first person or third person limited, this story is third person omniscient; and rather than staying in one place, my characters are traveling internationally.

It’s an undertaking, and I knew that going in. Trying to fit it all into the usual 80-100k range would be like trying to fit a bean bag chair in a dresser drawer.

It’s interesting how my moods vary during the writing of the story. Sometimes, I hate it and am convinced it’s crap, that it’s boring and everything needs to change or be scrapped or that it’s unrealistic, and so on. Other times, I’m so excited about it and I feel like it’s going all the right directions, that the characters are engaging, and everything makes sense. At this point, who knows which one of me is right?

But gosh darn it, I’m gonna finish this thing, then put it aside for a while, build up some objectivity. I anticipate that I’ll come back and do the initial edits for the first draft after I finish my Nightmare rewrite I’m starting in August. And at the very least, I’ll have my Rough Writers group to point out the flaws as well.

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One Response to Fairy Tale Remix Week 11

  1. WOW…that’s a great achievement. I know what you mean about the moods…there was a stage when I just wanted to throw everything into the garbage.

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