Fairy Tale Remix Week 10

Words written since Week 9: 5,123 words

90130 / 150000 words. 60% done!

“These aren’t affairs of men. They are the affairs of a practically dead woman,” Olivia said.

After ten weeks, I suppose it isn’t a terrible thing to declare a word count amnesty. I told myself I only had to reach 90k this week rather than the 100k that I was hoping for (or the 95k that fulfilled my weekly assignments). We had another power outage on Tuesday, and that threw me off, since I had to make up for the school time I missed the rest of the week.

When I finished my speedbuilding practice on Friday and just felt too tired to write, even though I had at least 9k words left to write that weekend, I knew I had to give it up, otherwise it was not going to be an enjoyable weekend. I don’t make the assignments so that I can resent them; they’re just meant to give me a push.

So this week, I hope to get back on track and actually accomplish that 100k, which is amazing all by itself.

Today on my evening walk, I realized that in my initial planning, my grand finale was not going to work at all because my final cast of characters was all wrong. I think I’ve figured out how to fix it. I think it’s a good thing that my story can still surprise me. Keeps it fresh.

(Aside: I have a dwarf named Armen, and I keep typing it Arwen. It’s going to drive me crazy.)

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