Fairy Tale Remix Week 9

Words written since Week 8: 9,973

85007 / 150000 words. 57% done!

“Would you rather I tell you a wonderful lie about how we’re definitely going to save the day and everything’s going to work out for the best?”

In spite of all efforts by this last week to thwart my reaching 85k – work, school, and a power outage for a good chunk of the weekend – I still managed to do so. Take that! And that! Avast! If I sound perky, it’s only the coffee. I’m really very tired and already looking forward to next weekend and hoping it will be better.

I’m finally in Germany rather than in the States or on a plane, and in the happy land of making shit up as I go, based on real places, but creating my own world around them. I think it makes me feel less constrained by my virtual surroundings.

That, and I’m getting to know my characters better on their car trip. My FBI agent in particular seems to be fleshing out for me. I’m introducing my core group to a bevy of eccentric characters now, which is always enjoyable. I like finally entering a far more magical world rather than little hints at magic here and there. We’re in the proper supernatural realm now, which gives me the room to really world-build on a small scale, which is my preference.

What I’m loving about writing this story is that, of my group of four, none of them is really equipped to handle everything about their circumstances. They’ve all got things that make them awesome people, but those traits either don’t match up with what’s needed to battle sorcerers and lift enchantments, or they have corresponding traits that get in the way of their more awesome traits. It’s fun. It really is.

So, it isn’t going to be a goal, but it’s going to be a hope: I hope that I can cross 100k by the end of Week 10, rather than just 95k. It seems like a round number for a round number, and certainly a great accomplishment on both ends. We’ll see.

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