Fairy Tale Remix Week 8

Words written since Week 7: 10,025

75034 / 150000 words. 50% done!

"I don’t need you to save me."

I can’t believe I crossed the 75k line! That’s just nuts. That’s half of 150 freaking thousand words. That’s awesome.

I think I discovered part of the reason why last week was so hard.

1) I had lost sight of my writing style, and I need to give it more room to breathe. I need to have fun with words again; I need to have fun with descriptions again. And I need to start bringing in that UST again, if more slowly than usual.

And 2) wrong music playlist. I made a playlist for the novel before I began, but it’s very romantic and upbeat. It turns out that I write better to my darker playlists. I don’t know why, but I ain’t gonna complain. Good thing I like those playlists.

This week, I finally got them off the plane. Ever start writing an argument and not have an idea how it was going to end? Yeah, I just started writing and writing and letting my characters work out some of their issues. I think when I decided that the argument didn’t have to be resolved right then, it gave me permission to let it go. I’ll go back later and tighten up the argument so there’s less repetition and it flows better.

Also, at the beginning of the week, I got to stretch my little horror side of the story, which is always fun for me. I hope to have more opportunities to do that later in the novel.

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