Fairy Tale Remix Week 6

Words written since Week 5: 9,945

55071 / 150000 words. 37% done!

"As long as she did not ask, I was content to let her wither, if I could have her one day more."

Well, technically not 10k this week, but I reached 55k, which was the real goal. Dude, look at that, I crossed the 50k milestone. Only 100k more to go. And we’re this close to getting the characters of the country. It’s starting to get real up in here.

To clarify, writing this novel is not like writing a NaNo novel. I’m not aiming for 150k words total, nor am I just trying to pad my word count in order to get where I need to be. I’m trying to make sure that everything I put down is somewhat relevant. I’ve already found places where I’ve repeated things (which is par for course in my writing, I’ve noticed, because I don’t always remember what points I’ve already made), but that’s easily cut in the initial edits rather than right now. I didn’t start this story hoping for a high word count or endeavoring to write a much longer novel than usual. I just assessed the number of major characters, the number of storylines, the number of journey tasks, and the scope of the narrative’s world and figured this will probably be much longer than my usual fare.

I usually write with a few main characters to focus on. I usually don’t have to keep a list of all my characters in order to remember their names and their importance to the story. I usually stay in one place, in little worlds: a school, a small town, an apocalyptic bunker, a house, a fortress. I don’t venture much farther than that. I certainly don’t go traipsing about the world in a mob-owned airplane. So, given all the factors, this story is very new for me and much bigger than I’m used to. It’s exciting and scary at the same time.

In the last 10k, I finished up the BatB retelling, introduced a few more characters, and now I’ve got to figure out how to get all the right characters from the party to the plane, which I still haven’t quite choreographed in a way that makes sense. But given that this last 10k words included an absinthe green and black corset bodice, giant tulle ballgown skirt, and purple lipstick, I’d count it a resounding success.

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