Fairy Tale Remix Week 3

Words written since Week 2: 10,055

25123 / 150000 words. 17% done!

"She never considered herself a romantic, but damn if roses just didn’t do it for her."

Sometimes it occurs to me, Hey, I’m really writing a novel here. I’m a good chunk of the way into writing a novel. I’m suddenly aware of how much responsibility this is, to slog through over 100k words, balancing plot, juggling characters, and meeting each new obstacle with the question Can I? (inspired by King’s Misery, which is as good a way to describe the process as any). I have the proverbial breath knocked out of me when I realized what kind of a task I’ve undertaken. It’s simultaneously invigorating and a little frightening.

I can’t believe I crossed the 25k mark.

As of now, I have finished Chapter 4, which is an unusually short chapter, but there’s no need to prolong it just to satisfy my preference for a long word count per chapter.

On the bright side, the narrative action has officially begun – the scenes I have been visualizing for months are finally finding themselves on the page. I’ll have some tidying up to do, I’m sure, but it’s mostly coming off well, I think. I hope. I wish.

As frustrating as writing a novel can be, and as persistent as my insecurities can be while I do, I notice that I seem to be a better human being when I’m writing something regularly. And by a better human being, I just mean I don’t get lost in anxiety or depression and cease feeling like a human proper. It doesn’t stop those things, necessarily, but it does give me something else to focus on and provides an outlet for creative expression.

You know you’re at a good place in your novel and in your writing when you don’t want to stop, even beyond your weekly quota.

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