Revisiting an Old Friend

My vampires don't sparkle.

I just opened up an old YA vampire novella I wrote for NaNoWriMo in 2005. (Oh my goodness, 2005, why does this happen to me?) I apparently thought I could sell a 46k word story as a novel at one point, if the query letter in my document folder is any indication. Although I’m not sure why, since it’s clearly too short to be anything but a novella.

But I’ve started going through it again, and I may try to find an e-book publisher for it if I can clean it up some. If not, I may just self-publish, because this thing is not half-bad at all.

I’m still in the plotting stages for another vampire novel that was originally intended to be a dramatic overhaul of this novella, but it’s become such an overhaul that it’s not really anywhere close to the same story at all.

I love revisiting old Word docs. In fact, I found a short story a few weeks ago that I had completely forgotten I wrote; it needs a few additions, and then it’ll be wonderful. Still, I haven’t quite figured out how to market the short stories I have already finished, so… not sure what I’ll ever do with them. It’s nice to have them, though.

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