Time Marches On

I’ll probably share stats every Sunday, given that weekends are my big opportunity to write these days.

So here’s the thing: For a good six months, I have been exclusively doing school stuff, lots and lots of steno practice on my machine and trying to improve. This used to give me evenings to work on writing or jewelry making or just relaxing if that was what I needed. However, the downside to this was that I was slowly draining money out of my savings and putting very little back in. Now, this was expected. I quit my job last July knowing that I was going to depend on my savings for necessary purchases and depend on my jewelry for any additional purchases. However, it still isn’t fun to watch your savings so deliberately built up over three years just slowly drain out before your eyes. It helps that I live with the parentals – and I know I’m extremely lucky to do so – but I still cover some of my personal expenses like doctors’ visits and gas and things like that.

So last month I got a freelance gig doing data entry and non-steno transcription. As a result, I’ve been going in more days than I’d really like in order to get this non-profit company’s forms all scanned and transcribed. Which requires me to do my schooling at night more often than I can handle – which was precisely the reason why I quit my job last July. I really do so much better when I can focus on one thing at a time and use the evenings to recharge my introvert batteries. At the very least, I’d like to give this company through April before I decide whether it’s too much for me.

But that means that on the days I finish school sometime around midnight or 12:30 in the morning after typing furiously all morning … I have no more spoons to write, especially if I have to get up early the next morning and do it all over again. Instead, I just watch aDaily Show episode, take a shower, and go to bed to let my spine decompress.

I hope that eventually I catch up to the flow of information forms so that I only have to go in several days every two weeks, plus a Saturday or two. But until April, that’s not going to really happen.

So I have to depend on weekends to get the bulk of my writing done and take advantage of those days when I only have school. I don’t like not having time to write. Creative energy and ideas build and build and build and get no release. I do better as a person when I have the opportunity to write, even when I don’t have much energy to do so or I feel I have a writer’s block. I just have to make the best use of the time available that I can.

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